The Son Of Thor...Glory.

Glory Odinson, formerly know as Dusk, is the main protagonist of The New Avengers franchise.


As a young child, Glory was the purest being to ever have lived. But, the Odinforce keeping him so pure was corrupting, creating a new being inside of him, named Dusk. As he grew older, the dark Odinforce got stronger, creating an alternate personality, that came out whenever he had gotten angry, or scared. This personality was sadistic, evil, and horrendous. The second personality began to take over, leaving Glory to slowly get weaker, and weaker, until Dusk had taken over. After that, a prt of Glory stayed in Dusk, leading him to not be as evil, as he was previously. Glory's light powers were replaced with Dark powers, and soon, he was banished from Asgard, by his father, Thor. But, little did Dusk know, he would soon have to fight something BIGGER than any Frost Giant he had ever seen... Ultron. In a fight, The Avengers had fought valiantly, but, 3 were killed, The Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America. Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Black Panther survived... But Dusk had not heard his father survived, and flew to the scene, but, his father was, of course, immortal.

New Avengers 1.Edit

After hearing that his father was killed, Dusk teleported to the sight of the crime. Seeing that his father was immortal, Dusk went to gather a team to Avenge the Avengers... The NEW Avengers. First, he went to New York City to find the son of Peter Parker, Kevin Parker, also known as Iron Spider . Next, he and Iron Spider went to the desert to find Jacob, also known as Slayer. After that, he and Iron Spider found Kevin's best friend Toni Stark, also known as Iron Girl. After that, Kevin, Toni, Dusk, and the two people Iron Spider had found, Solid Shadow, and Shock, found three of the surviving Avengers, Black Panther, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Next, he was taken by an Ultron bot that disguised itself as Dusk. After that, Dusk escaped, and found an evil Kevin, influinced by Ultron, so, they fought, and Dusk un-influenced Kevin. After that, he, and The New Avengers, along with the surviving Avengers, were defeated by Ultron. Until, Thor came in, and blasted the Ultron Bot. Kevin was confused, as he thought it was the real Ultron. After that, Thor had told him that he had wanted Dusk to gather the team of heroes because he real Ultron was growing more and more powerful... that was the last time until the sequal, that we saw Dusk.

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