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Growing up, Scarlet was the craziest girl you would ever meet. She was outgoing, funny, and most of all, good. But, despite that, she also had a dark side. Sometimes she would break down and cry, or go on a rampage. But, all of that aside, she was one of the best friends of Kevin Parker, Toni Stark, and Eric Parker. When Eric turned evil, she joined Toni and Kevin to defeat him. They succeded, then, Kevin and Toni were approached to join the New Avengers. After that, Scarlet was all alone. Until, she went to Kevin's house, and asked for an Iron Armor...

New Avengers 2.Edit

In New Avengers 2, Scarlet asks for an Iron Armor, gets it, but, an Ultron Bot attacks her. Glory saves her, and, she is one of the fist three people to know about Glory's re-awakening. After that, she Toni, and Solid Shadow were turned evil by Dusk. After Glory defeated Dusk, Scarlet joined the final team to defeat Ultron. That is her final appearence.


-Iron Scarlet was originally going to be Kevin and Toni's daughter.

- She was created by a bitstrips user, bubbagum.

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